Anthony Joshua: The £100 Million Boxer

Anthony Joshua: The £100 Million Boxer

According to a recent report by the Daily Mirror: Sport, who have been looking over the recently-filed accounts of Anthony Joshua’s Sparta Promotions, the heavyweight champion has officially become the country’s first £100 million boxer.

Joshua’s business assets grew by over £60m—£57.35m of which was netted from fights between February 2019 and 2020 alone—bringing their value to a massive £109m. What’s even more astounding about the news is that he could be about to double that sum.

Currently behind him is UK boxing legend Lennox Lewis, who is reportedly worth £90m.

If all goes to plan, and lockdown permitting of course, it’s hoped Joshua will fight his rival Tyson Fury by the end of 2021. If that does go ahead, AJ is set to earn himself an unbelievable additional £100m. It’s an historic moment for the boxer, who currently holds three of the four major world heavyweight belts. 

Anthony Joshua is now well on his way to catching up to Floyd Mayweather, whose reported net worth is $435m.

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