About Us

Founded in 2019, Black Directory is the United Kingdom’s largest online directory targeting the black business and consumer market. Every day, thousands of consumers who represent an estimated £350 billion of annual purchasing power use Black Directory to identify products and services. Whether you are a consumer, small business owner, or major corporation wishing to reach this huge and growing market for products, services, jobs or events, Black Directory is your number one resource.

Black Directory features a business directory, events listing and job search. The online business directory primarily searches for black owned businesses located in specific geographic locations.If your company seeks to reach the black business and consumer market, Black Directory is the one place to have your business or website listed.

Not only does Black Directory offer the Internet’s largest search engine targeting the black business and consumer market, it is a key resource for any company interested in reaching the black community. Very simply, Black Directory is the Internet’s most important address for the black business and consumer market and those who wish to reach it.